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“Have fun at VillainCon.”

Those were the last words from my eight year old son as I dropped him off at school yesterday morning.

Of course, I’m not really attending VillianCon, everybody knows that only happens in Orlando. (If you are lost, watch Minions)

No, instead I’m travelling to London for my first ever Xerocon.

For the uninitiated, Xero is an online accounting platform that’s used by lots of ambitious business across the world. One of those ambitious businesses is my very own – The Story Edge. I’ve been using Xero for two years now and it’s safe to say I’d be lost without it. It’s also safe to say that I’m not getting the most of it because I’ve only really scratched the surface in terms of what it can do.

So, yes, I’m a bit of a Xero fan-boy. But that’s not why I’m heading south.

My only overseas client, Ocius Digital, are technology consultants that help Xero accountants and bookkeepers to help their clients. They basically help businesses get more from Xero.

Ocius Digital are based in Melbourne but have offices in the US and the UK. Dan, Ocius Digital’s founder and Rhys have made the long journey from Australia and they asked me if I’d make the significantly shorter journey south to see them to discuss our current marketing project. Of course, I would have come anyway, but add to the mix being reunited with Jonathan Fox, Ocius Digitals man in the UK and his amazing wife Emma, and it was a proposition I couldn’t pass up.

Over the next couple of days I’ll absorb as much as I can about Xero and their plans to develop the platform further. I’ll also meet up with some Ocius Digital partners, who are so important to the work they do.

And, the added bonus is that I’m not the only one making my way south. There will be lots of familiar faces who are attending Xerocon because Xero is just a big part of their businesses.

It’ll be good to see them, the Ocius Digital Team and the folks from Xero.

It might not measure up to VillainCon, but I’m sure that Xerocon is going to be an experience all of its own.

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I'm a storyteller, case study specialist and the founder of The Story Edge. I want more people to tell more stories. I write stories, teach people to do the same and generally encourage people to use storytelling in their business.

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