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Whether you call them case studies, client stories or impact stories, they are all stories of change. They illustrate how you’ve solved a problem for a client. Your product, solution or service, combined with your people, have made a real difference. My job is to help bring that story to life by making your success stories as human as possible. Below you’ll find 21 examples of stories I’ve created.

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Dame Kelly Holmes Trust

We Are Waypoint

Archie Rose

Shackleton Technologies

Clark Thomson Insurance

Tree of Knowledge

Balmoral Asset Management

Imperial College London

CHANSE Research Project

We Are Waypoint

AFI Branding

Pixels Ink

Fin & Co.

DIWC (Women's Charity)

Balgeis's Story

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St. Andrews University

We Are Waypoint

Sweet Beginnings

Shackleton Technologies

Caledonia Housing Assoc.

University of Dundee

UPSCAPE Research Project

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Change Agents

Pixels Ink

Gillies & Mackay

We Are Waypoint

Lancaster Consulting

Tree of Knowledge

James Fisher Nuclear

We Are Waypoint

Blk Box

Heriot-Watt / Cranfield

SusHi-Wat Research Project

Shackleton Technologies

Dand Carnegie

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Bright Red Triangle / Napier Uni.

Newton Bhabha Fund

Sustainable Water Resources

The Three Story Stages

How I Work

Turning Story Ideas Into Story Assets



We work together to understand what you need from your story. It’s about giving me the right context.



Interviews take place. First with you, then with your client. The story is written, edited & approved.



Together we publish and share your story. Making sure your ideal audience discovers your story is critical.

i want to bring your stories to life.

I love nothing more than taking a story idea and turning it into something that helps build trust with your clients & partners. If you’ve got a story idea you’d like to discuss, get in touch and we can arrange a free story discovery call.