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1-1 Story Marketing Consultation

Your stories have the power to change your business. You just need to have the confidence to share them and the strategy to make them work for you. We’re living in the age of Story Marketing. The people that share the best stories get the attention. Capitalising on that attention is what Story Marketing is all about. I want this session to be a quick-start to helping you become a purposeful and confident storyteller. 


More Engagement

Getting more engagement isn’t just about social media. It’s about being impossible to ignore, why, because the stories you share are relatable and compelling.


More Conversations

Engagement for engagement sake is a vanity metric. Get it right and engagement leads to conversations and a stranger grows to like you. 


More Sales

Keep showing up consistently and authentically and before long LIKE turns to LOVE. One-time strangers are now your biggest advocates because they trust you deeply. 

Nothing sticks in your head better than a story. Stories can express the most complicated ideas in the most digestible ways.

Sam Balter | Hubspot

After working with Kev I have established a structured plan for sharing not only my customers stories, but also my own story. The story behind my business, the personal story of why I do what I do and the story behind my ideas.
Jessica Thomson
Yogido, MD

A Story Marketing Consultation Testimonial

Jessica's Story

I have so many positive testimonials, but I find just sharing them quite boring and tedious, so in the end I end up not sharing anything!  During my Story Discovery session with Kev he introduced me to his Story Stack model. 

It’s revolutionised the way I think about how I communicate. I was quickly able to turn statements into stories.  And what an impact!  The first story I posted on social media got 460% more engagement than my usual posts. 

What Kev passionately explains is that people engage with people, so share stories that have people at the heart. Who they are, what problem they face, how your services have helped them, and the lasting impact of your work together. 

He also noticed that the passion I share in person isn’t replicated online. And he’s right, I hide in the background when it comes to my online presence. Kev has given me the confidence to change that.

I’d recommend a Story Discovery session to anyone that wants a personalised storytelling plan for their business. 


An hour to change how you communicate forever

The Consultation

We talk

We'll talk in person or over the phone for an hour. I'll ask some questions to get you thinking and to understand your business.

We Explore

As we're chatting my storytelling brain will be going into overdrive. I'll suggest some story ideas that we'll explore together.

YOU Decide

I'll recommend the story I think you should start with, but you're in control. Either way, you'll come away with a clear plan of action.

is it time to explore story marketing?

I believe story marketing can change your business. I also believe I’m the human that can help you get started. Truth is, we’ll not know until we have a chat.