For someone in the ‘communications’ business, I’ve not been the best at communicating exactly what it is I do. Ironic, I know. In my defence, it’s taken me a while to figure out which coaching programmes and workshops to promote. From a pool of fourteen ideas, I’ve selected six core programmes to focus on in 2017.

It all started in December when I took a day out to create a single, one-page PDF for a client to outline one of my programmes. That morphed into 6 individual one-page sheets. I decided to ‘top and tail’ it to create my very first brochure. I’ve shared it with a few clients and some partners – now, I’m ready to share it publicly.

You can download the full 10-page PDF here – or, you can browse the embedded version below. My hope is that it gives you an idea of what it is I do, and how I can help you, your team and organisation.

Have a look at the brochure, get a flavour for what I can do, then get in touch. If you’re local, let’s grab a coffee, if you’re further afield, let’s arrange a call.



Published by Kev Anderson

I'm a storyteller, case study specialist and the founder of The Story Edge. I want more people to tell more stories. I write stories, teach people to do the same and generally encourage people to use storytelling in their business.

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