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1-1 Story Coaching

Storytelling Simplified

Quick Start Coaching Programme

We’ve delivered over 50 Storytelling sessions using our Story Stack model. However, we know that many people would prefer to have a personalised, 1-1 experience. For the first time, we’ve created a Quick Start Coaching Programme that teaches our story process using the Story Stack model. Over three 90 minute sessions you’ll get the full workshop experience tailored to your very specific needs.

Is it time to lead with story?

Make 2020 Your Storytelling Year

The Story Stack Model

At the heart of your story coaching experience is the Story Stack model which was developed back in 2016. Lot’s has changed since then, but the model, originally defaced on Lego Duplo bricks, remains the same.  It’s the model we use to create the building blocks of our client stories. And, it’s the centre-piece of all our storytelling workshops.  

The Coaching Approach

Our approach to story coaching is simple. We get you into storytelling mode as quickly as possible. Theory is all well and good, but we believe the best way to learn is to get telling your stories as quickly as possible. 

By the end of the programme you’ll have the outline for your first story and the tools you need to repeat the process so you can become a self-sufficient storyteller. 

“Bring your stories to life.”

Kev Anderson

Who's it for?

Business Owners
Build trust & close more sales by sharing your client success stories.
Charity Leaders
Illustrate your impact & secure funding by telling your service user success stories.
Tell the story of your vision, find your ideal clients & secure the funding you need.
Coaches & Consultants
Tell the stories of the difference you make to your clients & grow your practice.

Steps to story success

The Story Sessions

We want you to tell more stories. And, we want you to tell them with confidence. In our first session we’ll discuss your business and  the types of stories you’re looking to tell. We’ll finish  this first session by introducing  you to The Story Stack model. In session 2 we’ll work together to create your first story. And, we’ll wrap up the programme in session 3 by looking at how you can find and tell more stories. This last session is about making sure you have a storytelling process that works for you. 


Getting Started

  1. Your Business
  2. Your Stories
  3. The Story Stack Intro


Your First Story

  1. Story Stack Outline
  2. First Draft
  3. Edit & Refine


Story Farming

  1. Using Your Story
  2. Finding More Stories
  3. Your Story Process

Everything starts with a conversation

If you’re interested in finding out more about 1-1 Story Coaching or would like to have an initial chat, please click the button below to get in touch. 

Everything You need to tell your stories

A complete Storytelling Package

Your 1-1 Story Coaching Programme comes complete with loads of extras to help you get the most from your experience.

Here's what you'll get

  • 4.5 hours of personalised 1-1 Story Coaching
  • Access to the original online course (Value £247)
  • 3 Downloadable Handouts & Templates
  • A5 Printed Card of the Story Stack posted to you
  • Video review of three stories you create
  • Write With Confidence Online Course (Value £37)

Prefer a one-Off Session?

Programme not right for you? Just want some advice or a personalised intro to The Story Stack model? No problem. Book a one-hour Story Consultation instead for £150.