Hi there! My name is Wendy McCleary and I have been given this amazing opportunity of doing an internship here at The Story Edge. I originally left school at 16 as I wanted to pursue a career in acting; I applied to do Acting and Performance at Dundee College and managed to secure myself a place. After a year I realised it wasn’t what I wanted to do and so I worked full time for three years whilst I explored my options.

Although I was out of education for a while and didn’t get the grades I could have had I stayed on until sixth year it helped me realise what I really wanted to do with my life. I am now a Second year student studying English Literature at the University of Dundee and if all goes well I would love to, one day, gain a career in publishing. Reading and writing has always been a passion of mine and being able to study the subject I so thoroughly enjoy as well as possibly working in this field is a dream come true.

Although The Story Edge is fundamentally a marketing company I am excited to apply my range of expertise and skills to the company Kevin has successfully created. In addition to providing a helping hand I will also benefit massively from this experience. Internships are highly sought after and tend to be offered to students who are in their third or final year at university thus making this opportunity that bit more valuable to me.

Working closely with Kevin I hope to not only build my portfolio but also learn about Marketing and gain knowledge in this field. As I have stated previously I would love to get my foot into publishing however, having never experienced the role as such this Internship gives me the opportunity to try out a different line of work and gain knowledge in another department.

Working for Kevin will also give me a better understanding of what it will be like to work for a company as I will have to adhere to deadlines and project specifications. In addition to this I hope to gain a lot from Kevin himself and his experiences having learned that he has previously worked in DC Thomson – a local publisher in Dundee – this is obviously extremely relevant to the field in which I aim to obtain a job. Overall I hope to have fun with this experience and learn a lot in the process, anything I gain from it will be beneficial and I will hopefully be able to apply all these skills to the real world.

Kevin is a creative and hard working individual and I can’t wait to work with him as well as helping all the businesses that he works with.

Published by Wendy McCleary

Hi there! I’m Wendy a second year student currently studying English Literature at The University of Dundee. I’ve been given this amazing opportunity to work alongside Kevin as an Intern, offering up my skills to help him with any writing projects he may have.

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