I like writing standalone 100 word stories, but every so often, I like to try something different. So here is a series. Still not sure how many episodes this will run to, but I’ll keep adding new episodes to this post.

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Gordon waited in his car outside the station. She was late. So typical. After five more minutes he called her. It went to voicemail.

“You’ve reached Dr. Abigail Watson….” He hung up.

Ten more minutes passed. He went into the station.

“Excuse me, is the Kings Cross train late?”

“No, it was on time.” Said the woman.

Gordon walked along the platform looking in each window. Then he saw it – Abi’s bag. He got on the train and opened it. There were two things in it; a mobile phone and post-it note.

The note read – “We’ll call tonight. Tell nobody.”

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Gordon walked through the train, checking for any sign of Abi. There was none. He snapped a couple of pictures of the scene, such as it was. He picked up the bag and left the train.

He walked through the station, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

His new phone rang.

“I’m assuming this is Mr. Watson?”

“Who is this? Where’s my daughter?” Gordon tried to sound calm. He failed.

“I’m the chap that’s babysitting Abigail. The ‘where’ bit – is irrelevant.”

“What do you want?” Gordon asked.

“I want you to be a magician and make a problem disappear.”

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Gordon listened carefully.

“Abigail sent something to a friend. I need you to get it, and bring it to me.”

“What is it?” Asked Gordon.

“A memory stick.”

“What’s on it?”

“That’s not important. Just get it. Understand?”

“I understand.”

The phone went dead. Seconds later a text arrived. – ‘Douglas Walker – 22 Orchard Place, Inverness.’

It didn’t make sense. Why would Abi send anything to that cheating bastard? Gordon hadn’t seen Douglas in six months.

He knocked on the door. No answer. It had been a while, but he lifted the flower pot. Sure enough – the key was still there.

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Gordon searched for the package. He was interrupted when Kojak rubbed his leg.

“Christ – you trying to kill me?”

Kojak meowed.

“Right furry face, where would your idiot owner keep a memory stick?”

“I’m an idiot? I’m not the one talking to a bloody cat.”

Gordon wheeled round and came face-to-face with Douglas.

“Where is it?”

“I’ll ask the questions – why’d you break into my house?”

“Did you get a parcel from Abi?”

Douglas pulled a package from his bag.

“Give it to me.” Demanded Gordon.

“I can’t. She told me to keep it safe.”

“Douglas, someone’s got my daughter.”

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Douglas listened as Gordon told him the story.

“If that’s the case – why haven’t you gone to the police?” Asked Douglas.

Gordon hesitated. Truth was, he didn’t know.

“I was scared. OK. Scared of what they’d do. I just want to get my girl back.”

Douglas folded his arms.

“You don’t believe me?” Asked Gordon.

“Abi says ‘trust nobody’ in her letter. Why should I trust you?”

Gordon’s new phone rang. He put it on speaker.

“Have you got it yet Gordon?”

“Yes.” Answered Gordon.

Douglas nodded and handed the package to Gordon.

“I’ll text instructions.” The line went dead.

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