I’m lucky. I mean REALLY lucky. Over the last three months, I’ve been working with three entirely different organisations. I’ve been helping them work through some of their marketing and communication challenges. The three of them have unwittingly conspired to give me the confidence that the work I’m now doing, is the work I was meant to do all along.

The three amigos are –

  • Rossie Young People’s Trust. (A charity, based near Montrose, that provides a place of safety for vulnerable young people.)
  • Vital Hike. (A brand strategy and design business based in Newport, Fife.)
  • Ocius Digital. (A business technology consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in England and the USA.)

The requirements have all been different, but there has been some overlap between the projects. The work I’ve been doing with the three of them has been challenging and incredibly rewarding. And, as marketing projects go, they’ve been three of the most enjoyable since I launched the business.  

Reflecting on these projects and seeing the patterns between them has also helped me get some clarity on how I communicate what it is I do as a marketing consultant. Part of my challenge is that most people don’t understand exactly what I do. I know, for a marketer, the irony is not lost on me! 

I’ll be sharing the full story of what I’ve been doing with Rossie, Vital Hike and Ocius Digital over the next couple of months. For now, I wanted to share some example projects based on the type of work I’ve been doing with them.

And, you’ll notice, each outlined marketing project has its own unique theme. You’ll also notice each one starts with the same exercise. 

[thrive_headline_focus title=”Communication Foundations” orientation=”left”]


To help business owners and leaders get real clarity on their marketing communications. The output is a report that will be a strategic blueprint for their marketing and business development.

This is made up of three elements

  • A workshop with the owners/leadership team.
  • Interviews with the team, clients, partners and other stakeholders.
  • A strategy with recommendations on how to communicate more effectively.


[thrive_headline_focus title=”Finding Your Voice” orientation=”left”]


Sometimes you know and feel what your business is all about, but, for whatever reason, you have a really tough time articulating it to the World. Creating your mission, values and value proposition can give businesses the confidence to present yourself to the World.

This is made up of five elements

  • A workshop with the owners/leadership team.
  • Interviews with the team, clients, partners and other stakeholders.
  • A mission statement.
  • A values statement.
  • A short and long value proposition statement.


[thrive_headline_focus title=”Customer Journey Mapping” orientation=”left”]


To get a deeper understanding of who your ideal clients are, what their pain points are and how you can communicate with them.

This is made up of five elements

  • A workshop with the owners/leadership team.
  • Interviews with the team, clients, partners and other stakeholders.
  • A presentation and video of your customer journey map.
  • A ‘People Profile’ of your ideal client/s.
  • A ‘Content & Collateral’ checklist.


[thrive_headline_focus title=”Content & Collateral Plan” orientation=”left”]


To make sure that your marketing communications are consistent and clear a review of what you’re using to communicate can be a smart move. The review will also identify gaps and opportunities that you’re not currently taking advantage of. In other words, as well as improving on what you’ve got, I’ll identify what else you need. 

This is made up of five elements

  • A workshop with the owners/leadership team.
  • Interviews with the team, clients, partners and other stakeholders.
  • A review of all the content and collateral that you can throw at me!
  • A spreadsheet review of content including a list of missing content.
  • A website review including homepage wireframe and sitemap.

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With one or two exceptions, all the work I’ve been doing over the last three months can be found in these four project outlines. But the four themes are just examples, the reality is that all projects will be a mix of what I’ve shared here as well as some very specific requests that the client might have.

This isn’t an exhaustive list. What it is though is my sweet-spot. It’s the area where I can deliver the most value. And, yes, selfishly, it’s the work I enjoy the most.


Someone recently pulled me up for uttering the words “I’ve been very lucky”. They told me that I’d “made my own luck”. And while that’s true to a certain extent, the fact that my first three pure consulting clients have all needed a variant of the same thing has been spooky. There’s something more than a little serendipitous about how things have played out. I’m not going to analyse this or think about it too much. I’m just happy for the opportunity to be doing the work I love. 

I’ll continue to work with these clients; some on an ongoing basis, some, as and when they need me. But they represent the type of work I want to do. More importantly, they represent the type of people that I want to work with.

So, to Dan, Jonathan, Mat and the team at Ocius Digital; to Martin and the team at Rossie Young People’s Trust and to Chris, Eddie and the Vital Hike posse – one and all, I thank you.  Working with you on these projects has been a game changer for me. 


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  1. Hi Kevin, delighted to read your story. We met during your marketing workshop with the DACC and I made a connection with you! Your story reflects my own experience in business. I too have taken some time to find myself but like you things are now clearer.
    Best wishes.

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