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Communicating With Story Workshop

Developing self-sufficient storytellers

All too often what we communicate doesn’t hit the mark. Whether we’re communicating with someone in our own organisation or with a potential client, sometimes we fail. ‘Failure’ in communication happens when what we intended and what was received don’t match.

Storytelling isn’t always the answer but sometimes it absolutely is. Adding storytelling to your communication skills toolkit can help you connect, engage and inspire your audience. Whether you’re trying to get buy-in from your colleagues or persuade a prospective client to say ‘yes’, storytelling can help you get there faster.

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Communicating With Story

Communicating With Story is a half-day workshop that teaches the practical implementation of storytelling within organisations.

The workshop has three core aims:

  • Inspire delegates to tell stories.
  • Teach a model to create stories.
  • Guidance to deliver your stories.

The Details

  • For up to 20 delegates.
  • Lasts 3.5 hours.
  • Pre-session planning call.
  • Online Follow-Up Course.
  • Delegate Story Stack Toolkit.
  • £750 + travel expenses.

The delivery of the workshop is always geared to suit the specific audience. We spend approximately two hours preparing for each session to make sure it’s as relevant as possible. If you’d prefer the workshop to be customised beyond that, or want to incorporate it as part of your own programme, we’re happy to do so. Please note that extra costs may apply.

Delegate Testimonials

I attended a session on the Story Stack that Kev delivered to our Professional Staff Development network and I can’t recommend it highly enough. The group had so much fun, we genuinely belly laughed at times as Kev guided our learning through his creative and easy to follow storytelling framework. Kev is enthusiastic, energising, motivating, inspiring and did I mention funny? I left the session bursting with great ideas on how to promote my team and our activities in a really compelling way.

Susan MacLennan Robert Gordon University

Having known Kev for some time, I had high expectations: but the training was incredible – far more than I had expected. Kev is personable, funny, emotionally moving, and his training was specifically focused on our business and our team, and the clients we serve on a daily basis. His approach to creating stories is a practical, 8 step framework which is not only appealing to our accountant audience (those who like structure) but also helpful for us as a creative agency, looking for clear ways to tell the stories of our clients on our own website and marketing.We’re already applying what we learned to our video case studies, our written case studies, and all of our marketing material. It will stand us in good stead for years to come.

Karen Reyburn The Profitable Firm

Really enjoyed the format. Group work, individual activities and presentation was well balanced.

Anonymous Delegate Feedback University of Dundee

A very engaging facilitator who made it a most enjoyable experience.

Anonymous Delegate Feedback University of Dundee

Really enjoyed the format. Group work, individual activities and presentation was well balanced.

Anonymous Delegate Feedback University of Dundee

More from this facilitator, please! He is one of the most engaging presenters I have experienced as part of the universities training programme.

Anonymous Delegate Feedback University of Dundee


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