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Client Story Marketing

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Client Story Marketing

Developing self-sufficient storytellers


[page_section template=’1′ position=’default’]The prospect of creating your own case studies and client stories can be daunting. There’s a lot of things to consider and for many of our clients, it’s easier and more efficient to outsource to us. Here’s the thing though, the case study process we’ve developed can be taught. Some will take to it more than others, but ultimately for businesses wanting to embed storytelling into their business, having the skills internally just makes sense.

The Client Story Marketing training we deliver teaches two things –

  1. How to write your client stories.
  2. How to manage the end-to-end case study process.

At the end of the training, you’ll have the skills and inspiration to create an endless stream of game-changing client stories.

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In this dynamic, full-day workshop you’ll be introduced to the theory and, more importantly, the practice of case studies. In the first section, you’ll get to know The Story Stack inside out and create the outline for your first story.

During the second section of your workshop, you’ll learn the 8-steps of the end-to-end case study process we use to create our client stories.

And, to round off the day, and keep the momentum going, we’ll work together to create your own personalised Client Story Action Plan.

We’ll have a follow-up call two weeks after the workshop where you can ask any questions to make sure you’re set-up for story success.



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  • A full-day workshop
  • For teams of 2 to 20
  • Client Story Marketing Action Plan
  • A one-hour follow-up call
  • Critique of one client story
  • £1,675[/thrive_text_block][/one_third_last]

If you work on your own or prefer to learn remotely using video conferencing technology, we can deliver the same content over three 2-hour sessions.


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[thrive_testimonial name=”Karen Reyburn” company=”The Profitable Firm” image=”https://thestoryedge.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/KarenReyburn.png”]In our agency, building websites and writing content for accountants is much more effective when we can tap into the incredible stories that they have to tell. But it can be hard to help accountants realise the power of story, of being personal, of opening up about how they (literally) changed someone’s life. So I asked Kev to run an online training session for my virtual team so we could all learn more about the power of storytelling and how it applies to case studies and testimonials for accountants.

Having known Kev for some time, I had high expectations: but the training was incredible – far more than I had expected. Kev is personable, funny, emotionally moving, and his training was specifically focused on our business and our team, and the clients we serve on a daily basis. His approach to building good case studies is a practical, 8 step framework which is not only appealing to our accountant audience (those who like structure) but also helpful for us as a creative agency, looking for clear ways to tell the stories of our clients on our own website and marketing.

We’re already applying what we learned to our video case studies, our written case studies, and all of our marketing material. It will stand us in good stead for years to come.[/thrive_testimonial]


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The best place to start is a conversation. Book a free call to find out more.

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