The beginners guide to mission statements.

What is a mission statement? A mission statement is fundamentally the basis of a company. It is a summary detailing the core purpose, aims and values of an organisation and highlights specifically what kind of product or service it provides, the primary market and if appropriate, it’s geographical region of operation. A mission Statement usually […]

I’m Ocius Digital’s Outsourced Marketing Director

Last Monday at 3.10pm I hit ‘publish’ on a blog post. It was the first time I’d shared with the World what the whole ‘outsourced marketing director’ thing was really all about. At 9.51am on Wednesday morning, I reached an agreement to become the marketing director for Ocius Digital on an outsourced basis for 2018. […]

The Story Edge 2017 Prospectus

[two_third_first] For someone in the ‘communications’ business, I’ve not been the best at communicating exactly what it is I do. Ironic, I know. In my defence, it’s taken me a while to figure out which coaching programmes and workshops to promote. From a pool of fourteen ideas, I’ve selected six core programmes to focus on […]