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The Origin Story – the power of reflection

“We all have a story to tell.” It’s my most overused phrase. But there’s one story that goes untold. Your story. The story of how you got to this place in your life. We have an incredible ability

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Could writing short fiction help your business writing?

Jamie was excited. And so was I. Christmas was a week away. We picked him up from school on the last day of term. He was weighed down by carefully crafted Christmas decorations. Add to that a gym kit bag

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Daily 100 – Your Origin Story

Simon Sinek’s book ‘Start With Why’ can be summed up by his most popular quote –  “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” A great way to share your ‘why’ is by telling

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The Case for Case Studies – Making Better Buying Decisions

Case Studies are little-used marketing gems that use the power of storytelling to help people make better buying decisions. They’re more commonly used in business to business (B2B) organisations; particularly

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Business Storytelling Episode 1 | Becoming a story hunter

As I’m talking to more organisations about storytelling two phrases, keep cropping up. “It’s just what we do.” and “Nobody would be interested.” They’re dueling it out, but they’re not

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