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Platform No. 4 – A 100 Word Series

I like writing standalone 100 word stories, but every so often, I like to try something different. So here is a series. Still not sure how many episodes this will run to, but I’ll keep adding new

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Could writing short fiction help your business writing?

Jamie was excited. And so was I. Christmas was a week away. We picked him up from school on the last day of term. He was weighed down by carefully crafted Christmas decorations. Add to that a gym kit bag

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Settled | The Complete Trilogy

As part of my 100 Word Story challenge, I sometimes like to mix it up and create recurring characters or a series of 100 word episodes. The first episode of the trilogy was always going to be a stand

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100 Word Story 3 – Wrong Number

“Listen to me. Don’t speak, not even once. Just listen.” I looked at the screen. BLOCKED. “If you want to see Mrs. Miggins again you’ll leave £5,000 in a Tesco carrier bag

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100 Word Story 1 – Gently Weeps

It was worth £350. I got £100. I could haggle, I could beg – but the outcome would be the same. Bastards. I leave with my dignity and 10 crisp £10 notes. I add it to my £42.56. Not a lot to show

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