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100 Word Story 2 – Naked Ambition

“You’re body has character. I can tell.” I’ve never been groomed, but I imagine this is how it feels. The advert on the noticeboard just said ‘Models Required. Cash Paid’.

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100 Word Story 1 – Gently Weeps

It was worth £350. I got £100. I could haggle, I could beg – but the outcome would be the same. Bastards. I leave with my dignity and 10 crisp £10 notes. I add it to my £42.56. Not a lot to show

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Business Storytelling Episode 1 | Becoming a story hunter

As I’m talking to more organisations about storytelling two phrases, keep cropping up. “It’s just what we do.” and “Nobody would be interested.” They’re dueling it out, but they’re not

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What’s the story? My Next Chapter

I couldn’t get to sleep. I’d drift off for a few minutes then wake up again. Each time the same question jumped into my head. I tried ignoring it. Three more days – three more fitful

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