The Story Edge 2017 Prospectus

[two_third_first] For someone in the ‘communications’ business, I’ve not been the best at communicating exactly what it is I do. Ironic, I know. In my defence, it’s taken me a while to figure out which coaching programmes and workshops to promote. From a pool of fourteen ideas, I’ve selected six core programmes to focus on […]

Could one of my personal writing habits work for you?

Do you ever find your plans for World domination crushed by your own thoughts? You’re trying to write something and a nagging thought jumps up and slaps you in the face? You’ve got a task list that needs ticking, but another, better idea screams for your attention. Or, does your brain inform you that another […]

When Content Shock & Shocking Content Collide

What happens when content shock and shocking content meet head-on? It’s not pretty. Actually – it’s ugly. Very ugly. But first, what do I mean? Content shock, a phrase coined by Mark Schaefer, suggests that we can only consume so much content. He puts it far more eloquently than I can. I agree with this. In […]

Creating my Origin Story | Part 1 – The Outline

In yesterday’s blog post, The Origin Story, the Power of Reflection, I made a commitment to write my own Origin Story. But I also made the commitment that I’d share that process with you. This is part one of creating my origin story. [thrive_headline_focus title=”The Fear of the blank page” orientation=”left”] Whether it’s a single […]

The Origin Story – the power of reflection

[thrive_headline_focus title=”What’s your origin story?” orientation=”left”] “We all have a story to tell.” It’s my most overused phrase. But there’s one story that goes untold. Your story. The story of how you got to this place in your life. We have an incredible ability to take our stories for granted. We dismiss them. Discount them […]

Writing with confidence | School Days

Writing with confidence is easier said than done. For some of you, a lack of confidence in your writing is holding you back. You’ve become paralysed. You might get as far as writing something. But you sit on it. You wait. Convince yourself that you’ll edit it later. But, you don’t hit ‘Publish’. I know, […]

Why you should write your own content

Write your own content. Four words that sum up my philosophy. Four words I want you to embrace. Park your doubts and fears. Have the confidence to write your own content. Become a natural teller of tales. Produce and share the words that will set you apart. You’ve lived your stories – so tell them. In […]