The 8 Lego Duplo Bricks That Almost Killed My Business

8 defaced Lego Duplo bricks. 3 red. 3 yellow. 2 blue. Each has a single word written in my best ‘medical professional’ handwriting. My weapon of choice was a black Sharpie pen. This act of vandalism happened in late September 2016. I called it the Story Stack. It’s creation almost killed my business. Now, a […]

Client Story Inspiration for Web Designers & Developers

I’ve worked with and for a number of web development & design businesses over the years. Some big, some small. Some good, some bad. If you fall into the ‘good’ camp, you’ll more than likely have lots of clients that provide really positive testimonials for you. Some of you might have case studies or client […]

5 Ways To Make Your Client Stories Fly

Please don’t judge me, but I love a sporting cliche. Here goes… when it comes to your client stories, it really is a ‘game of two halves’. The first half is creation. The second is distribution. Too often, the investment in case studies and client stories is wasted because they’re treated just like any other […]

Story inspiration for Accountants & Bookkeepers

This is the first in a new series of blog posts I’m going to be sharing. I want to provide some story inspiration for different industries and sectors. In each one, I’ll share different story types that I’d consider telling if I was involved in that specific business. First up, it’s the Accountancy and Bookkeeping […]

10 Lessons From 100 Days As An Outsourced Marketing Director

I’ve been working as an Outsourced Marketing Director (OMD) for a little over 100 days now. It’s been challenging, it’s been productive, and, without question, it’s been the most personally rewarding period of my professional career. It turns out that the basic principle of working deeper with fewer clients actually works. I’ve focused my time […]