“You’re body has character. I can tell.”

I’ve never been groomed, but I imagine this is how it feels.

The advert on the noticeboard just said ‘Models Required. Cash Paid’. I needed cash.

The sperm bank had already refused my deposit. Apparently they already had more than enough of my seed.

“Now it’s £15. Unless…”

“Unless what?” Stupid, stupid question.

“I can make it £50 if you’d pose nude for the class.”


I nod and get naked.

“Where do you want me?”

He peers over his glasses.

“I admire your enthusiasm, but the class, dear boy, is tomorrow night.”

Published by Kev Anderson

I'm a storyteller, case study specialist and the founder of The Story Edge. I want more people to tell more stories. I write stories, teach people to do the same and generally encourage people to use storytelling in their business.

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