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Our Mission

The Story Edge exists to change the way organisations communicate. We teach and inspire people to become confident storytellers. We give them the tools to sell products and services to their ideal clients. And, we give them the tools to sell ideas and new ways of thinking to their team, managers and partners.

Storytelling Workshops

We’re storytelling teachers. Like any teacher we want to inspire as well as educate. Our ultimate goal is to create a world of confident storytellers. We do this through our workshops.

  • Communicating With Stories is aimed at organisations and teams that want to learn to use storytelling to communicate both internally & externally.
  • Client Story Marketing is aimed at commercial organisations that want to build their marketing and grow their business through their client stories.

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Client Story Creation


We’re also realists and know that sometimes, it’s easier to outsource the writing of your Client Stories.

  • Client Story Creation is aimed at organisations that see the value in telling stories but simply don’t have the time or resources to do it themselves.

We’ll interview you, your client and then write the client story. We take care of the entire process using the Case Study Code, our tried and tested approach to managing case study projects. Click below to learn more about our Client Story Creation service.

Client Story Creation

We’re lovers of conversation as well as story. We know that sometimes a quick chat is the best way to find out if we’re a good fit for each other. Emails and instant messaging are great but we’d much prefer a real conversation. Click to book a short introductory call at a time that suits your schedule.