Write with Confidence

Change your relationship with writing forever

Kevin Anderson is singularly responsible for giving me the confidence to follow my dream of becoming a writer.

For many years it has been one of my ambitions to be able to share my thoughts through my writing; but like many people, I suffered hugely from ‘imposter syndrome’.

Kevin’s unique blend of coaching, mentoring and workshops has not only helped me improve my technical writing skills, but has also awakened my writing creativity. I will be forever thankful for Kevin’s help to bring my stories to life.

Julia Brown Activate HR

Write with Confidence Programme

Nobody is better placed to write the content for your business than you. You can tell your story better than anyone. You’ve lived and breathed your adventures. You’ve got the passion, the drive and the understanding of your area of expertise.

And you know that writing can have a dramatic impact on your business. Especially when the words you pen are authentic, tell your story and, reflect the real you.

But for many, that’s not enough. Some of you might lack confidence. Or maybe you just need some guidance and practical advice to be a more productive writer. Maybe writing blog posts is an issue, or perhaps you need to rewrite your web copy? Whatever your writing challenge, I’ll work with you to remove the barriers that are holding you back.


My job is simple.

I’ll be your Story Sherpa, your Marketing Muse and your Writing Co-Pilot.

I’ll give you the confidence to write and share your stories.

Writing With Confidence | Quick Start

This coaching programme is ideal if you want to start your journey now. It has a practical element, so you’ll also get a piece of writing from this. It includes four coaching calls. Here’s how it works.

Getting to Know You | 30 Minute Skype Call

We spend 30 minutes discussing what you want to get out of the coaching. We address any challenges and, we get to know each other.

Any coaching relationship is about a  partnership between two people. This call is the critical first step to build your confidence and skill as a writer.

The Story Hunter | 30 Minute Zoom Video Call

We work together to identify the types of stories that will work best for you. We’ll talk a little about the fundamentals of storytelling, but the real aim is to identify one piece of writing for you to focus on.

I recommend you start by writing your story. This can be your personal story OR the story of your organisation. It can, of course, cover both.

The Writing Mindset | 60 Minute Zoom Video Call

Now that we know WHAT you’re writing, we can get into the process of writing. On this call, I’ll share the best practices I’ve learned over the years. You’ll have a framework for writing your first piece of content, as well as the tools and tricks I use every single day.

By the end of this call, you’ll be all set to go and write the content that we’ve agreed on.

You’ll write your first draft and email it to me.

The Feedback | 60 Minute Zoom Video Call

I’ll spend an hour of my time reviewing your first piece of writing.

We’ll then have a 60-minute call where I’ll provide feedback. It’s important to point out that I’m here to support, not judge. This is just a starting point for your writing journey, but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I wasn’t honest in my feedback.

All feedback will be constructive. I’ll be very specific and will apply a ‘what would I do’ filter to everything you write.

Don't use or like Video Calls? No problem.

If you think that a traditional telephone call would work better for you, then please let me know.

Or if you’d like to meet in person, please let me know. There will be an additional cost to cover travel time.

The result

After you’ve completed the Write With Confidence Coaching Programme you’ll have the foundation to start your writing journey. You’ll also have had practical experience of putting the process to the test. And if you keep generating content consistently for your business you will see the results.

And, as an added bonus I’ll also include a short ‘Write With Confidence’ workbook that you can use to help you as you continue to write your content.


The cost for the Writing With Confidence | Quick Start coaching programme is £450. 

If you have any questions, please let me know.