Storytelling Workshop for Leadership Teams & Not-for-profits

One-Day Storytelling Workshop – Lifelong Results

Get the tools to tell the stories that will grow your organisation

I deliver dynamic storytelling workshops that will help your organisation grow. There are four core storytelling workshops to choose from, or, we can work together to create a completely bespoke storytelling workshop.

Loaded with practical exercises; the workshops are fun, engaging and memorable. More importantly, they deliver results. And, to make sure the learning continues, each attendee will have access to an online version of the workshop.

You’ll find a short description of each Storytelling Workshop below, but the best way to get started is to have a conversation. Click the button below to book a time for an initial consultation.

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Storytelling Workshop | Professional Service Companies

Grow your Business

Your expertise is your greatest asset. The results you get for your clients are remarkable. Your reputation is second to none. But are you really getting the attention you deserve. Are the RIGHT prospects finding you. Are enough of them turning into REAL clients? Using storytelling as a key component of your marketing, sales and communication strategy will set you apart from your competition.

In just one day I will give you and your team the tools and the confidence to deliver the stories that matter. Stories that will help retain your existing clients and win plenty more.

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Making a bigger difference

Whether you’re a charity, social enterprise or community interest company, you want to make a difference. Storytelling can help you raise awareness as well as much needed funds. And, you’ve got an incredible advantage – you’re surrounded by stories. Stories from who you help. Stories from your volunteers. Stories from your team and trustees.

The Storytelling Workshop for Not-for-profits has been developed to help you find and tell your stories. And, thanks to The Story Stack framework, you’ll have a process to get you there faster.

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Lead with Stories

Leading a team has never been more challenging. The job of engaging, connecting and inspiring your team is made easier by adding storytelling to your communication tool-belt. Stories can make your point better. Stories can help you make a personal connection. And, stories, delivered in the right way, can support change throughout your entire organisation.

The Storytelling for Leaders Workshop will help you change the conversation. The messages you deliver will be stronger. And, those messages will be remembered – for the right reasons.

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Sell with Stories

Stories sell. You already use them in the shape of testimonials and case studies. They provide the social proof that builds trust. And trust is vital. But stories can do more. Stories can build rapport. Stories can handle objections. In fact, stories can play a part in every aspect of your sales process.

The Storytelling Workshop for Sales Teams is flexible. It can work around your existing sales process or it can be used to develop an entirely new sales strategy. Whatever the approach, storytelling will help your team sell more.

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Your Investment

All Storytelling Workshops are designed to be delivered over a full day. They can be delivered on-site and can accommodate up-to 12 of your team. The total investment is £1,250. This includes the cost of adapting the workshop content to suit your requirements. It also covers all materials, as well as access to an Online Course that reinforces what will be delivered during the workshop.

Half-day workshops are also available and start at £600.

Storytelling Workshop Facilitator Kevin Anderson

The Highlights

  • Full-Day Workshop
  • Delivered on-site
  • For up-to 12 of your team
  • Includes Workbook
  • Includes Access to Online Course
  • Two-week email support for all attendees
  • Investment £1,250

I’m based between the cities of Dundee & Perth in Scotland. I’m willing to travel throughout the UK and overseas if required. Depending on your location, additional costs will apply to cover my travel time and travel expenses.

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