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You’ve got a story to tell. You know it’s good. You know people will connect with it. You know it has the potential to help your organisation. But, you don’t know how to tell it. So you hold it back. You’ll share it eventually. When the time is right. But the time is right now.

There’s never been a better time to tell your story. Your potential clients don’t need more dull lifeless content. They need more of you. More of your stories. More of your personality.

I want to help you. Let me be your Story Sherpa.

I undertook the Story Sherpa coaching programme with Kevin and it was unbelievable. It really helped me map my business journey and there were at least three key ah-ha moments. I expected to come away with clarity on my origin story (which I have) but I didn’t expect the added value I got.

Kevin asked brilliant questions which pushed me out of my comfort zone and I can’t thank him enough! If you need support with your writing – Kevin is your man! Plus, it was brilliant fun too.

Karran Bonner Brightside

The Story Sherpa Programme

  1. Outline | We work together to identify what it is you want to write. Together we’ll create the ideal flow for your story. We’ll pick it apart and find the best way to tell your story. I take notes so you don’t have to. I’ll challenge you and make you think. Once we’ve finished I’ll email you the outline for your piece of writing along with all the notes I’ve captured.  (90-minute Skype Call or meeting)
  2. Write | Armed with the story outline we created together it’s time for you to write the first draft. Don’t agonise over it. Just get it out. We’ll edit it together during our 2nd session together. I’ll have shared some tips and advice on how to be a more productive writer. Once it’s done you email it to me and we’ll arrange a time for your 2nd coaching session.
  3. Review | Once you’ve sent me your first draft, I’ll spend up to an hour reviewing what you’ve crafted. I’ll highlight any areas that need to be changed and prepare for our second coaching session. I’ll be looking at all areas of your writing from word choice, the flow of your story as well as the start & finish of your piece.
  4. Feedback | On our 2nd coaching session, we work through your draft together. I’ll show you the key areas you need to focus on. We’ll edit some of the content together during the session and I’ll give you the guidance and direction to complete the project. And, most importantly, I’ll give you the confidence to publish your story. (90-minute Skype Call or meeting)

After hearing Kev speak at TCMA2016, I knew he was the right person to help me tell my story. I’d been struggling to find the right way to articulate what I do and how I solve problems for my clients. What I had felt just too sterile. It wasn’t the real me.

So after TCMA I called Kev. I needed the Story Sherpa to guide me to the right path. Our first session was illuminating. Working together, we uncovered insight after insight. Kev has an ability to ask just the right question, at the right time. The two hours passed in a flash, and by the end the story of my business had begun to take a very different shape.

With Kev’s help, I’ve completely re-written and restructured the content of my website. It’s more personal, more human, more reflective of who I really am. More authentic. I am super excited for the future, and can’t thank Kev enough. If you are thinking about how you can better tell the story of your business, then I highly recommend that you speak to Kev.

Alasdair McGill Ashton | McGill

The Story Sherpa Programme costs £380

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