Coaching Programmes

Coaching Programmes

Helping you get clarity and confidence

This is the story of a cunning Fox. Jonathan Fox, to be precise. He’s the person who inadvertently lead me to discover my coaching calling. Jonathan initially approached me to hire my services as a writer. Before we started working together, he shared a desire to write his own content. In Jonathan’s case, that meant web pages, blog posts and emails. In addition to being his writer, I became his coach.

That’s when I discovered two things. One, I’m a better coach than I am a writer and, two, I enjoy coaching so much more.

Here’s Jonathan’s perspective.

I’d always wanted to write content for my business, but my lack of confidence held me back. And when I did overcome my fears, I found that the writing process was difficult. It took me an age to write anything, and even longer to share it with the world. Kev’s helped me see a better way of communicating.

It feels like a personal breakthrough as I’m now able to share content that feels more human. As a writer, Kev helped me create the content that my site needed. But, as a coach, Kev’s changed my entire relationship with writing and given me the confidence I’ve always lacked.

Jonathan Fox Flying Fox IT

The Complete Clarity Programme is the coaching programme that takes you through the entire Marketing Clarity Model. Over 12 coaching sessions, we’ll work together through the 5 principles of Marketing Clarity. We’ll get to the heart of your marketing and, ultimately your business. I’ll support and guide you, but I’ll also challenge you.

By the end of the programme, the fog will have lifted and you’ll have the clarity you need to build the business you want.

Not everyone needs everything. If your real marketing pain point is very specific, focussing on one of the 5 Marketing Clarity principles might make more sense. These focussed programmes are delivered over 2 or 3 sessions.

  • The Passion Programme | Your ‘Why?’ + Your Origin Story
  • The People Programme | Who you help + What drives them
  • The Promise Programme | Your ‘value proposition’ + Messaging
  • The Proof Programme | Your case studies + Smarter testimonials
  • The Personality Programme | Your tone of voice + The real you

You’ve got a story to tell. You know it’s a good one. And, you know it will make an impact for your business. But it’s locked away. A bit like that moment when you have a word on the tip of your tongue. The harder you try to find it, the more it alludes you. Whether you’re creating a written story, a press release or a story-driven presentation – I’ll be your Story Sherpa.

With the Story Sherpa programme, I guide you and help you find your story. And, together we tell it.

The clue to the purpose of ‘Write with Confidence’ is in the name. Too many wonderful stories go untold because people lack confidence. Blog posts that could help your clients go unwritten. An ebook you’ve always dreamed of remains a dream. The web content that finally shows the real you is locked inside your head.

I don’t make bold claims, but I’ll make an exception here – I can change your relationship with writing forever.

Got a team? Maybe a workshop would make more sense?

If you’ve got a team and would prefer a shared experience, all of the coaching programmes can be delivered as either a half-day or full-day workshop. And, if your team is remote, no problem – there is also a two-hour virtual session called Quick Start for each programme.

Workshops can be delivered at your premises, or, if you prefer, I can host you at my office in Dundee. Workshops are dynamic, fun and challenging. And, yes, I’m a feeder. Workshop themed snacks will be provided where at all possible.

For virtual coaching or Quick Start sessions, I use the Zoom platform. It’s a great and reliable way to deliver online video sessions. Alas, popcorn and other snacks are not available for remote coaching. (Sorry.)  

I’ve created a free 30-page ebook that introduces The Marketing Clarity Model

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