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Wherever you are on your case study journey, I want to help. I’ve created a range of options that all have one thing in common – helping you produce case studies that get you results.

If you’re just starting out and looking for some guidance, I can help. If you want to learn to create your own case studies, I can be your coach. And, if you’d prefer to outsource the entire case study process, I can be your case study creator.

This page shares the different ways that I can help you. The prices are all listed so there are no surprises. If you’re a registered charity you get a 20% discount. If you don’t have the budget, ask me about spreading the cost. And, if you’d prefer to have a chat to discuss your particular case study challenge, rather than reading the one million words (ish) on this page, click the button below to book a call.

Let’s Talk

Consultation Call

In this one-hour call, I’ll help you work through a specific case study challenge that you’re facing. If you’re stuck, frustrated or struggling to make sense of a case study problem, we’ll work together to make the necessary breakthrough. And, once we’re finished the call, you’ll benefit from 3 days of email support to make sure you get full value from our time together.

What you get

  • A one-hour call
  • Three days of email support
  • £175

Strategy Call

If you’re not currently producing case studies, this is the perfect place to start. We’ll work together to establish the right case study approach for you. Maybe you’ve got some testimonials that would work harder for you as a full case study? In three hours, you’ll have your own Case Study Action Plan to help you move forward.

What you get

  • A three-hour call
  • A personalised plan
  • Seven days of email support
  • £325

Quick-Start Training Session

In a one-hour video conference for up to 20 team members, I’ll introduce you to the Story Stack – the framework I’ve developed to help you tell compelling case studies. I’ll take you through the eight stages and show you how it can work for your industry. By the end of the training session, you’ll have the building blocks to create as many customer success stories as you’d like.

What you get

  • A one-hour Video Conference
  • Three days of email support
  • £250

Better Case Studies Workshop

In this dynamic, half-day workshop you’ll be introduced to the theory and – more importantly – the practice of case studies. You’ll get to know The Story Stack inside out and create the outline for your first case study. We’ll also develop a plan for making customer success stories a consistent part of your marketing, rather than a one-hit wonder.

And, to help keep the momentum going and keep you accountable, we’ll have a follow-up call two weeks after the workshop.

What you get

  • A half-Day Workshop
  • Seven days of email support
  • A one-hour follow-up call
  • £750

Can also be delivered as a one-to-one remote coaching programme, over three sessions. £570.

Better Case Studies Creator Workshop

The first half of this full-day workshop mirrors our half-day workshop. After some half-time refreshments, it’s time to get creative! We’ll split into teams and work together to create some case studies. This will be based on one of your real clients or, if you prefer, a scenario that I create for you. Either way, you’ll get the opportunity to experience the end-to-end Story Stack process in action.

What you get

  • A full-Day Workshop
  • 14 days of email support
  • A two-hour follow-up call
  • £1,250

Full Case Study

For some, the reality is that they need someone to create their case studies for them. You have the desire to use case studies as part of your marketing, but you don’t have the resources to do it yourself. I can take care of the entire process for you. I’ll interview you and the client separately to get your perspectives. I’ll then create your case study. We’ll have a draft review, and I’ll work with you and the client to make the necessary changes to create a genuine asset.

All liaison with the client, as well as securing final client approval, will be managed by me. All you do is make the introduction. I manage everything else. 

What you get

  • A written Case Study (750-1,250 words)
  • Up to three hours of interviews
  • Personalised ‘how to use’ Plan
  • A one-hour follow-up session
  • £1,250

Case Study Writing

If you’d prefer to interview your client and provide me with a recording or transcript, and an outline, I will write up the final case study for you. This way we spread the load; you gather the raw materials and manage the relationship with your client, and I craft them into a killer case study.

What you get

  • A case study interview guide
  • A written case study (750-1,250 words)
  • A one-hour follow-up session
  • £575

Mini Case Study

For some, the idea of a longer case study puts them off. Maybe there isn’t as much to say, or perhaps you’d just prefer a short and snappy customer success story for a specific project. Mini Case Studies can be added to your website or used in any of your marketing materials.

What you get

  • Up to one hour of interviews
  • A written case study (Up to 400 words)
  • £375

Case Study Amend

Maybe you’ve written your case study, but you’re worried about publishing it. Perhaps you’ve read it through but feel something is still missing? No problem. Just send me your case study and I can either Review & Recommend changes or I can edit it for you. A fresh pair of eyes, a different perspective and some minor amendments might be all your case study needs.

If your case study needs more than minor changes, your case study will be returned and you won’t be charged. I’ll always be honest with you. If you’re heading in the wrong direction, I’ll steer you back onto the right path.

What you get

Review & Recommend

  • I highlight changes for you to make
  • £150

Case Study Edit

  • I make the changes for you
  • £275


Case studies aren’t just powerful, they’re also incredibly flexible. The case studies you create can be delivered in many different creative formats. I’ve partnered with a number of specialists so that your customer success stories can be developed in the way that will work best for you, and your audience.

As I don’t deliver these services personally, I’ll assume the role of project manager to make sure you get exactly what you need.

Add-On Options

  • Video Case Study
  • Animated Case Study
  • Infographic Case Study
  • Storyboard Case Study
  • Case Study Presentation

Mini Case Study

In our agency, building websites and writing content for accountants is much more effective when we can tap into the incredible stories that they have to tell. But it can be hard to help accountants realise the power of story, of being personal, of opening up about how they (literally) changed someone’s life. So I asked Kev to run an online training session for my virtual team so we could all learn more about the power of storytelling and how it applies to case studies and testimonials for accountants.

Having known Kev for some time, I had high expectations: but the training was incredible – far more than I had expected. Kev is personable, funny, emotionally moving, and his training was specifically focused on our business and our team, and the clients we serve on a daily basis. His approach to building good case studies is a practical, 8 step framework which is not only appealing to our accountant audience (those who like structure) but also helpful for us as a creative agency, looking for clear ways to tell the stories of our clients on our own website and marketing.

We’re already applying what we learned to our video case studies, our written case studies, and all of our marketing material. It will stand us in good stead for years to come.

Karen Reyburn The Profitable Firm

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