Creating Compelling Case Studies. Together.

Build trust, grow your business and get the Story Edge over your competition.


Case studies have the power to change your organisation. Case studies are stories and stories are part of our everyday lives. We connect with stories because we relate to them. And, so do your customers. But most people don’t share their case studies. They hold back. They play safe. Maybe you’re too close to your own stories, or, perhaps you just don’t know how to tell them.

I created The Story Edge to help you communicate differently. I want you to stand out from the crowd. I want to help you find your own voice. And, I want to give you confidence to enjoy the entire process.

Isn’t it time you got the attention you deserve?

What can case studies do for you?


Case Studies build trust

Case studies let your prospects see that you’ve done this before. They give them confidence that the promises you make are promises you can keep. Don’t rely on blind faith. Provide evidence and build trust by letting your clients tell their stories. And, the more case studies, the deeper the trust.    

Case Studies give clarity

Instead of telling people what you do, let your clients do it for you. Anybody can say WHAT they do, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. SHOW them what you do by letting your clients take the stage and be the hero of the story. Case studies make it EASY to understand exactly what value you deliver.



Case Studies fuel growth

Some people see case studies as a luxury. But, dismissing the stories that make you remarkable could be holding you back. Case studies make it easier for people to buy from you. And your case studies will set you apart from your competition. Grow your influence and your sales with compelling case studies.

How can I help create your case studies?



New to the world of Case Studies? Want to develop a strategy that puts your customer success stories at the heart? Or, is it time to revisit your Case Study process? I’ll work with you to develop your strategy and put in place the case study foundations for your organisation.


If you have the resources within your team to create your own case studies, then, you should. You’ve experienced the success stories first hand, you have the context and the understanding. I can help support that process through one-to-one Coaching, Workshops and Remote Training Sessions.


Every organisation is different, and for some, outsourcing the creation of their Case Studies is the only option. If that’s you, I can help. I can manage the entire process for you. From interviewing your client – to writing the final case study and, everything in between.  

Case Study Kev? Who’s he?


I’m Kevin, but you can call me Kev. I’ve always wanted to be a storytelling coach. I recall telling my nursery teacher of my yearning to change the World through the power of shared stories. OK. That story IS made up.

The true story is a lot longer, but here’s the abridged version. I’ve spent my career in marketing communications. I’ve worked for The Sunday Times, Viacom, NCR and D.C. Thomson. Now I work for the most demanding boss ever. Me.

I’ve been a ‘writer for hire’ since February 2015, but one of my clients opened my eyes to the world of coaching. Now, coaching people to tell their own story is what The Story Edge is all about. Nobody can tell your story better than you, but a lack of confidence or simply not knowing where to begin holds you back.

My coaching is active, dynamic and fun. My ambition is pretty big. I want to change how you communicate forever.