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Tell stories. Move people. Grow your business.


Give your prospects the confidence to say ‘yes’.

You’re brilliant at what you do. You deliver on your promises and get real results. But your prospective clients don’t know that. To build trust and give them confidence requires proof. Case studies and client stories provide that proof. That’s what The Story Edge does. We bring compelling stories to life to help grow your business.

We’re case study & client story specialists.

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Time to get out of ‘stealth mode’?

We’ve got a theory. We call it the ‘curse of stealth mode’. Here’s how it goes. A business does great work and makes a difference to their clients. And they tell nobody. The awesome work they do is a secret.

The best way to build trust and secure more of your ideal clients is to tell the stories of the incredible work you do.

Like it or not, we’re all competing for attention. It’s harder than ever to differentiate. It’s even harder to strike up a real-world conversation with a prospective client. Your case studies and client stories can sell that first meeting. And, yes, they can also play a significant part in closing the sale.


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Create or Learn

Whether you want to outsource your case study production or develop the skills within your business, we can help.

I want someone to create stories for me

We love the whole process of writing case studies. We’ll interview you, your client and will write the case study. We take care of the entire process using the Case Study Code, our tried and tested approach to managing case study projects.

I want to learn how to write my own stories

Getting the opportunity to teach our end-to-end case study process is awesome. You’ll learn how to write and manage your own case study projects using the Case Study Code. We’ll help turn you into a team of self-sufficient storytellers.